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CCGC is an agricultural cooperative bringing together collectives, transporters and growers and providing them with everything necessary to operate strictly within the law. CCGC is one of California's only State-recognized Agricultural Co-ops providing Medical Marijuana to its members within California State Law.

About CCGC

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CCGC brings together the strengths of collectives, growers and transporters under one umbrella to guarantee regulatory compliance, ethical product management and integrity, quality control, secure product collection/delivery and service excellence, thereby consistently providing MMJ patients with the very best certified medication through MMPA compliant procedures.

Benefits for Growers

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As an association, CCGC grower members are able to ensure medication safety and consistency. Combined strength through the CCGC provides growers with stability and peace of mind knowing that medication is provided only within the closed-loop CCGC association to prevent improper access to or use of medical marijuana.

Shared branding for edible, tincture, gel capsule and other medication forms lets patients know that their medication quality and consistency meets CCGC's high standards.  CCGC's edible medication is produced by local patient cooperative members who make patient safety their primary goal.

Ensuring market availability for patient growers and providing secure transportation, storage and delivery for patient collectives, the CCGC is able to help improve patient safety and quality of life.  The CCGC association is able to address grower, patient and cooperative issues as a united voice working to ensure the rights of patients, medical providers and its members.

Patient Collective/Cooperative Benefits

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An alliance of collectives and growers working together, the CCGC is dedicated to making sure that medical marijuana is used in accordance with applicable California law and that medication is provided through a "closed circuit" system for the benefit of qualified patients. The CCGC provides a variety of services utilizing a cooperative process that helps ensure quality and safety.  Patient collectives/cooperative members of CCGC operate in accordance with CCGC standards and policies to ensure legal and regulatory compliance.  Through the CCGC association, collective/cooperative members are allied together to advocate for patient safety, access and medication consistency.

· Designated delivery times;
· Professional delivery personnel;
· Medicine delivered from CCGC facilities;
· Medication regularly quality tested;
· Secure delivery vehicles;
· Consistent medication;
· HIPAA privacy and security compliance;
· Regular member inspections;

Committed to patients, the CCGC is a cooperative dedicated to responsible medical marijuana access. Our members follow consistent policies and procedures to comply with applicable regulations. Through this dedication, our members work better for patients. The CCGC alliance provides strength when addressing industry issues while membership also provides stable and consistent products and patient collective locations for patients. 

Legal Backing for CCGC

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We have consulted the State's best attorneys in order to have the most legally-defensible interpretation of California State Law. We rely on State Law, as well as case precedent to form our policies, which are always changing.

Here are some links to current California Law and pertinent case law, as well as other important legal resources:

Become a Member:

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Becoming a member is the easy part, and the wisest step towards being a legal Co-op or Grower. We will make sure that you have everything that you need to make sure your operation is working under the law.

Contact Us

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CCGC is currently looking for
Co-op Representatives to service more patient collectives. Contact John Pappas (john.pappas@ccgc-ca.org)

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